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Our mulch products are made onsite at our farm and made from tree waste brought to the farm by local tree companies and homeowners. Making mulch is really a large sustainable recycling operation. You can choose a mushroom soil blend with topsoil when ordering.Wood chips, tree limbs, stumps and branches are ground into a triple consistency and composted in piles. It is then ready to spread on your gardens and flower beds to suppress weeds, provide nutrients and retain moisture.


Mushroom soil is a similar process completed at local mushroom farms in Chester county. Mushroom soil typically consists of horse and poultry manure, hay, straw, and corn stalks. It can be used as a mulch but is ideal as a soil amendment which adds all the essential fertilizer elements your vegetable garden needs. Mushroom soil is pure organic matter and therefore will shrink over time. If you are making a raised bed we typically recommend mixing topsoil with your mushroom soil to create a more stable long term soil.

Nourish Your Soil with Help from Our Wholesale Mulch Farm in Perkasie, PA

Organic mulch does more than just elevate the look of your garden. It decomposes and nourishes the plants and flowers it surrounds, giving a boost to help your garden thrive year-round. We’re a trusted mulch supplier offering a variety of mulch to suit your needs and purposes. You can choose between light brown mulch for a softer garden aesthetic or darker mulch to provide a stark contrast to a stone pathway and everything in between.

Suppress Weeds with a Mulch Delivery Service

Weeds are one of the most terrible and persistent annoyances when caring for your lawn and plants. You can use our mulch to prevent the weed seeds from receiving the sunlight they need to grow so they won’t be able to break through the surface of the ground and become unsightly nuisances.

Regulate Temperatures for Your Perennials

Temperatures have been going up and down more than a rollercoaster. As a local mulch supplier in Perkasie, PA, we can deliver mulch to your home that will help insulate the roots of your plants and protect them against extreme temperature fluctuations. Mulch insulates the soil, helping it stabilize the temperatures of your plants, as well as protecting them from losing moisture due to the wind or sunlight.

Prevent Erosion with a Natural Mulch Supplier

If an area of your property is at risk of significant erosion, our mulch can help. Mulch prevents erosion by protecting your soil from wind and rain, acting as your soil’s first defense against Mother Nature.

Reduce Water Usage by Conserving Water

It can take a lot of water to grow plants and keep your beautiful garden bountiful and bright throughout the year. Our wholesale mulch farm can help reduce water bills with our top-quality mulch. Sun and wind disrupt the soil and cause it to lose moisture, depriving your plants of the water they need. Mulch prevents this unnecessary evaporation by shielding your plants from the sun and wind.

Contact us today to explore the products we offer as a local mulch supplier in and around Perkasie, PA.

If you need help ordering mulch call our office at 267-450-6173.

The prices listed above reflect the amount to pick up the product yourself, and the 6% sales tax is additional. 

You can choose a mushroom soil blend with topsoil when ordering.

Our delivery fees are based on travel time and distance. There is no sales tax on delivery services. We deliver to PA only, due to current NJ bridge restrictions.
Delivery CHarge
1-3 cubic yards


(10 MILES)

Add $3

per mile
(11-15 MILES)
Add $4per mile
(16-20 MILES)
Delivery Charge
4-12 cubic yards
(10 MILES)
Add $3per mile
(11-15 MILES)
Add $4per mile
(16-20 MILES)
Mushroom & Topsoil
7 yards max. per load
(10 MILES)
Add $3per mile
(11-15 MILES)
Add $4per mile
(16-20 MILES)
Calculating how much mulch you need can be tricky.


1 cu. yd. of mulch = 3'x3'x3' = 27 cu. ft.
1 bag of mulch at a retail store is 2 cu. ft.
13.5 bags of mulch = 1 cu. yd.
Mulch can be spread at varying depths, but a good average depth is 3 inches or .25 feet
1 yard spread at 3 inches deep covers 108 square feet 27/.25=108
We are known for our generous portions.


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